Hi I’m Stephanie,

I’m first a wife, a mother, a lover of so many different things and all things outdoors.

I have been a professional Photographer for over 13 years, owning my own successful photography business.

I know what its like to balance work life and home life. When those two places are in the same location things can get hectic. Since the start of my business I have always had a home office. There have always been pros and cons. There was a time where I dreamt of having a studio outside of my house on a main street in a cute little town. With part of the floor covered in wide plank rustic hardwood floors. A section of stained cement floors that collided with  rustic terra-cotta tile floors. Open space like a warehouse in Newark. Brick walls where the lighting hit just right. Luscious green trees and plants that sat in the rays of the sun that shined through my floor to ceiling windows. – sighhh—it was a really beautiful idea. But as reality hit on how expensive it was for me to do this I accepted that working from home really isn’t that bad. In fact going in to work every day a few steps away was glorious.

From the very beginning I started my photography business I knew that I wanted to do what I wanted to do without it taking over my life. I still wanted to enjoy life. Go on vacation, go snowboarding or paddle boarding. Have random bike ride days. These were things I was not going to give up. So I didn’t. And I knew what this meant on the business end of it. I had to be organized.

It’s very easy when you run a business out of your home to be working 24 hours 7 days a week. And a lot of the times if we love what we do we don’t even mind it. I know I didn’t. I truly loved what I did. It was only when I had my first son did I realize that I was working more than I really needed to. I don’t mean in the photography aspect of it. I mean the home office aspect of it. I needed to learn to balance my new life. A family life. And all of this was possible because my business was well organized. I didn’t have to stress about client emails, or editing, or backups.

When your business works for you instead of you working for your business you can really enjoy what it is you do.

I hope that I can help you enjoy your business as much as I have enjoyed mine.