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Hi I’m Stephanie. I have been photographing professionally for 15 years. Most of my professional photography career has been in wedding photography. From weddings on the Jersey shore to the Mountains in New York & Connecticut and even Destination weddings in the Dominican, Hawaii and Turks and Caicos sprinkled in. It has been a fabulous ride. Although my main part of photography has been weddings I have also photographed, Mitzvah’s, Pre-Shoots, Christenings, Grand Openings, Fundraisers, Portraits of all kinds and more. Photography is what I do. And I love what I do.

I would love to get together with you and discuss your event, hear  your vision and show you some of my work. Let’s get together.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What equipment do you work with?

  • I am a Nikon user. My work horse is the Nikon D4s and switching between the 50mm and 24-70mm lenses. But I also have a plethora of lenses and equipment.

When did you start Punch Drunk Love?

  • Punch Drunk Love was official in 2015. Prior to Punch Drunk Love all of my photography has been shot under my previous and current first company name Sherwood Photography. You can see my recent portrait work on Instagram at sherwoodphoto_ig. Follow me 🙂

What is your photographic style?

  • Absolutely without a doubt candid editorial documentary. When it comes to events I observe and photograph. There’s no better way than to catch  the moment than just being in the moment. When it comes to portraits say for a wedding, my style is very simple, candid editorial with a fashion photography twist. All the while looking natural and keeping my clients feeling natural, and not nervous. Almost forgetting that they are actually being photographed. I like to give direction to my clients as to what they need to do when they need to do it this way they don’t even have to think. They can just be with each other and be in the moment. I have an eye for the details. So this means I like getting it right in the camera first leaving little to do in post production. (this also allows for me to get the images back to you sooner than later, most of my clients will have their full online gallery within 2 weeks from their wedding. Just about when you get back from your honeymoon!) I also very rarely photoshop my images. I love people as they are, imperfections, hair  in the wind and all. It’s what makes you who you are. It’s honestly why I started photographing in the first place when I was 12. I just love observing people how they naturally are. Why change that. I will photoshop upon request though.

I really like you and have been referred to you by my friends whose wedding was up north a few years ago. Will you travel to my North Jersey wedding?

  • As much as I am so very thankful that my clients are still talking about me and referring me to their family and friends I no longer travel north, out of state or destination locations. I adore my little family to the moon and back and want to spend as much time as I can with them. With that being said I can’t totally say that if the location and price weren’t right I wouldn’t do it. 🙂

Can we Skype, FaceTime or MarcoPolo?

  • Absolutely! It’s one of my favorite things to do. Let me know which one you like better and lets chat.

Why no galleries of events on your website?

  • Honestly, I used to have hundreds of images on my website. So much so that it become ridiculous to look through. But I also felt that in a world where everything is everywhere I liked giving my clients something that was just theirs. And they shared it if they wanted to. They had control of what it is from their event they wanted to share and not. I encourage my clients to share their images on their social media of choice as long as they credit Punch Drunk Love. But if you want to see some of my past work online I should still have some images on Weddingwire from weddings a few years ago.

What about copyright?

  • Very good question. And I am so glad you asked that. Punch Drunk Love maintains copyright of every single image that is photographed by the company. However you as the client are granted personal printing rights and personal online sharing rights so long as Punch Drunk Love is given credit.  In this digital world where images are stolen hourly it’s nice to know that credit is being given where credit is due. But I also want to protect my clients as well. My images stolen also means their image is stolen and can be shared and saved and copied millions of times over with out anyone knowing.