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Quick Tips for an Easier Day: At Home Office

It’s safe to say that time is more valuable than money. And yet time you can never get back and never get more than 24 hours in a day.

When you are running your own business time is even more valuable it seems. Clients are important. Your family is important. And your sanity is important. To often our business can become more important than our family and sanity. Yet our family and sanity are all to crucial to our working atmosphere. The trick is getting it all to work together in a way thats manageable.

You’ve heard the saying  “the early bird gets the worm” or ” All the late nights and early mornings will pay off”. I’ve personally never believed that you have to run yourself raged to have anything be successful. I believe you have to work smarter.

Here are a few quick solutions that can make your day run smooth and your life less stressful.

  • Get on Schedule.

I can’t stress how being on a schedule eases the stress of your day to day tasks. I know some people hear schedule and think, ” No thats just not me……. I’m a free spirit. Or I can’t keep a schedule I barely remember to eat breakfast”. The best part of running your own business and having an at home office is that you can set your own schedule. No matter what it is.  If your the type of person who can’t stick to a schedule then don’t set yourself up for failure. Don’t start with having your entire week scheduled out. It just won’t work for you.  Start with something easy. For example if you struggle with working over your food. Schedule EAT in to your day. Sound simple enough? Yet a lot of the small business owners I speak with often say they forget to eat because they are busy working. The difference eating a meal can make is astronomical. Our brains think clearer, we eminate positivety, and we can work harder. (not longer) Schedule in your day even if its just 15 minutes to step away from your desk and eat. If it’s lunch you need to schedule, put an alarm reminder in your phone at whatever time works for you and eat.  Your business will not fall apart  while you take the time to eat. But your body and sanity will absolutely suffer. When you have integrated this small task in to your day for 2 weeks add another simple task, perhaps making every Monday file day and so forth.


  • Keep your work area clear of clutter

When the area in which you work is free of clutter your brain is free of clutter. Sounds crazy I know. But think of it this way. When you were in school and had an exam did the teacher allow music, tv or other distractions go on in the classroom? Not likely because it was a distraction. It clouded your ability to think clear and concentrate on the task at hand. Same with your office. If you have contracts, and samples or laundry in chaos your going to work in a chaotic manner because the task at hand is surrounded and distracted . Take a minute to de-clutter your immediate area. If its papers and samples put them in a neat pile in the corner of the desk or end table. Now is not the time to start stressing yourself about everything that is in that pile of papers. Work on the task at hand. Whatever it may be. You will get to that pile. And when the opportunity arrises to go through that pile organize it as you go through it.


  • Calendar and Task List Utilization

So calendars, task lists and scheduling kind of go hand in hand. If you can see what your week looks like it can help you  stay focused on whats important. If you can see the tasks that need to get done just for that day it will help you relax and be in control of what otherwise could feel very overwhelming.  I know what its like when you have 100 things to do that day. I’ve had task lists that would make most people call it a day, grab a bag of chips and make it a movie day. It can feel very overwhelming. But as you complete tasks and check mark them off you really feel accomplished and have gotten done what needed to get done.


Getting your home office under control can seem very stressful. Sometimes pointless. But that is what I am here for. I want to make your business successful by making the backend of it manageable.

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